Fair pricing

Technology improves every year and ad serving infrastructure is cheaper with each new year. Unfortunately, the margin charged at large, public ad serving intermediaries hasn’t. They continue to obscure rich margins to both advertisers and publishers. We charge a reasonable rate for our ad serving technology, ensuring that publishers get more revenue to drive consumers and advertisers achieve highly efficient ad spend.

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More money in the hands of those driving customers

Fair pricing lowers
hurdle for new media innovators

Direct control for Advertisers on publisher pricing


Vertical Marketplaces

Renuant operates vertical marketplaces where advertisers and publishers transact.




Higher Education


Buy "Down Funnel"

Buying clicks from Renuant means interacting with a consumer once they are deep into the buying decision. Reaching the consumer later in their funnel allows for a greater conversion rate for the dollars spent. Intent increases the farther down the funnel she travels. 

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Accessing High Intent Customers

Renuant vets each publisher prospect to ensure that only publishers that attract high intent consumers at or near the point of purchase are chosen as media partners.  For advertisers, this ensure consumer prospects of exceptional quality and at scale.


Increased Targeting within Campaigns

Renuant offers a wide variety of targeting options allowing advertising dollars to be spent on the exact customer you would like to acquire with an intuitive interface.

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Lightweight and Easy to Use Platform

Renuant’s platform is run on variable cost technologies that live in the cloud. It’s light weight and powerful. Therefore, it’s fast and responsive. 


Robust Reporting

Comprehensive reporting is available inside and outside of our UI. Reporting is available to be delivered in frequent intervals or on demand, in our real-time platform.


Experienced Operators

Renuant’s staff has been in the business for many years. Working in positions of development, execution, operations and leadership. We have your needs covered. When working with Renuant we will not provide a fresh faced recent grad. 

Feel free to email Ben Levy to learn more:

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