Transparency Leads to Better Outcomes's Approach

Work with publishers that attract high intent consumers

Match those customers to the most relevant advertisers in real-time leveraging all available data

Use the fastest, most scalable and cost effective technologies available

Reduce the cost of our service and pass efficiencies to advertisers and publishers

Greater information is available to advertisers and publishers so that decisions are made with the greatest clarity

Provide all parties with relevant data to enable them to operate as efficiently as possible

Down Funnel Clicks

When consumers see your brand in search, display or social ad platforms, they are early in their decision making process. shows your brand further down the conversion funnel.

  • Lower funnel clicks are high intent
  • Deeper into the decision making process
  • Resulting in more actions taken, more commitment to conversion

High Intent Customers

Buying clicks from means interacting with a consumer once they are deep into the buying decision. Reaching the consumer later in their funnel allows for a greater conversion rate for the dollars spent. Intent increases the further down the funnel she travels.

Verticals is adding verticals rapidly and operates in:

Auto Insurance

Home Insurance


Higher Education

Motorcycle Insurance

New Verticals Comming Soon

Publishers recognizes that publishers driving high intent consumers create value in the online marketplace. Therefore, we prioritize paying the highest revenue share in the industry. Further, we expose what advertisers are paying for your traffic, removing any guess work as to what is driving payouts.


Attracting target customers at the right price determines success. Our platform provides the tools and information necessary to do that. Unlike any other in the industry, we are transparent to media source and we are transparent on our revenue share. We don’t believe in hiding information for our benefit.'s Technology Platform



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