About Renuant

Renuant connects advertisers with consumers shopping in a variety of markets including auto and home insurance, mortgage purchase and refinance, and education to name a few. Renuant was formed by two industry veterans with a cumulative experience in digital advertising of over 35 years. Building upon past experiences, and listening to existing client needs, Renuant delivers value by acquiring the right type of new customers. We would love to speak with you about working together. 


Click Advertising

Pay-per-click, auction style advertising allows advertisers to bid to their target cost per acquired customer. Renuant offers marketing opportunities within auto insurance, home insurance and mortgage loans. 

Renuant offers: Brand protection, Deep funnel delivery, High converting traffic


Direct Inbound Calls

Everyone enjoys a hot prospect on the phone. We keep it simple: 
Search > IVR > Advertiser Agent

Warm-Transfer Calls
Outbound dial of real-time leads, acquired by our primary advertising campaigns, verified and delivered to your agents. 


Data Leads

We acquire valuable data leads from multiple valuable information funnels across the web. We organize these leads in a way that's optimal for use by our partners and consumers. 

Data leads are never bought and resold. Primary traffic sourcing, form capture, validation and direct delivery to advertiser.



Complete Transparency

With something as valuable as your company’s brand, shouldn’t you know exactly which company is displaying your ad? Rather than “buying network” traffic, Renuant makes its publishers transparent to advertisers, so you can better understand what your buying as well as how well each partner’s traffic performs.